Next Step School Re-Entry Protocols

Due to the nature of the outreach setting, our re-entry plans will not include having a set cohort. In our situation, we will work as a retail space with high restrictions and a more rigorous mask and distancing policy.

The following measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of staff, students, and visitors to our Outreach sites:

· Available seating in the school will be reduced. This will coincide with a 'max student' number. Teachers will be included in the max number allowed in the building at one time.

· We will be structuring our chairs, tables and desks to space people out as much as possible.

· Appointments are strongly encouraged, but we will still allow students to drop into sites as per their schedule.

· Teachers will have government issued masks and shields (shields are not mandatory, but will be worn with masks if teachers use one.

· Teachers will be asked to wear masks at all times when they have students at their work stations.

· Students will wear masks as they travel/move in the school, and anytime they are sitting within 6 feet of another student; this rule includes our study carrels.

· Government issued masks will go to our full-time students first, as shared students will be expected to have masks from their parent schools.

· Sanitizer and spare masks will be available.

· The kitchen will be closed to students.

· Food (if any) will be by 'single serve packages' only. No common plates or utensils are to be used.

· No microwaves available for student use.

· As students enter or leave the building, we will ask them to clean their seating area. We will have stations where cleaning supplies are available to use.

· Returned books/paper books designated as shared materials will sit for 72 hours before being made available for re-use.

· Students are encouraged to make use of the Brightspace online learning platform as much as possible (access to course materials and assignment due dates, communication with teachers, etc.)