Parent Resources

Attendance Matters

Regular attendance is important to student success. Learn what you can do to support your son or daughter in attending school and how we can help.

Attendance Matters

Living With Anxiety

Do you know someone living with anxiety? Students spend between 25-30 or more hours in school each week, and we are in a position to play an essential role in identifying and assisting students to tackle unwanted anxiety.

Raising Responsible Students

The very best place for teens to learn is right at home. Parents can set simple rules that will instill a greater sense of responsibility in their teens, which in turn will help them become more resilient adults. Find out how and why parents shouldn't "always" rescue teens from mistakes.

Bullying and Digital Parenting

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. However, it does not just happen at school and is never okay. There are supports for parents seeking information on prevention and education.

Supporting Self-Directed Learning

Next Step offers an alternative learning environment. Here are several recommendations for students to follow and find success in their self-directed learning.