Resources for Homeschooling


This site has videos, quizzes, activities, and games for all topics.


This site offers some free resources for quizzes. For a membership fee you get worksheets and lessons. It will also keep track of the students test scores and level of achievement.


This is mainly an English site with some integration of other subjects. There are lesson plans and interactive games. Some are restricted without membership.


There are lots of lesson plans on this site. Check out the science experiments!




This site has quizzes in every area of Math for all grades.


This site is about fractions. It teaches and has practice questions.




This site offers lesson plans, curriculum guides, and resource suggestions.




This site has PowerPoint type lessons. It also includes songs to go with the topics.


Here you find complete lesson plans as well as labs.




This site has all sorts of worksheets, lesson plans, online activities and sheet music.




Some TV shows have great websites too such as Brain Games which is great for testing your brain.