Teacher Directed

Teacher Directed Home-based Learning

Teacher directed home-based learning provides families educational choices to meet a wide range of student needs. We support families who are seeking to follow the Alberta Program of Studies and who desire to complete most of their work at home. Materials are provided in the core courses (language arts, math, social studies and science) and we offer assistance as needed. Program plans are developed with the parent, child and Certificated teacher and a completion schedule is created. Student work is submitted (formative assessment) to the Certificated teachers and a summative assessment is then completed at Next Step. The summative assessments can take the form of tests, interviews, projects, etc. Once student work is evaluated, feedback is provided to the student and the home instructor. Their academic progress is reported on a formal Elk Island Public Schools report cards. 

Your ongoing involvement and support represents a critical contribution to your children's learning, no matter which program is chosen. For more information and to register contact Next Step at (780) 464-1899.