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Student Voice Results

In an ongoing effort to refine best practices at Next Step we gathered feedback on School Goal #2: Students and families are connected in meaningful, authentic, and engaging ways with an inclusive school community through a variety of communication and interactive opportunities wherein diversity is embraced. 

Please see the following highlighted results from our Student Voice Survey conducted Nov 28-Dec 2 with 104 students at all 3 campus locations. 

  • Next Step is a welcoming and friendly place. (70.2% Strongly Agree, 29.8% Agree)
  • I feel accepted for who I am at Next Step. (66.3% Strongly Agree, 33.7% Agree)
  • Next Step staff make an effort to get to know me. (65.4% Strongly Agree, 28.8% Agree)
  • If I have a problem, I have an adult at Next Step with whom I am comfortable speaking with. (57.7% Strongly Agree, 36.5% Agree)
  • I am encouraged to practice good citizenship at Next Step. (56.7% Strongly Agree, 41.3% Agree)
  • Students have a voice in decision making at Next Step. (39.4% Strongly Agree, 51% Agree)
  • The Next Step Experience is a positive one. (64.4% Strongly Agree, 30.8% Agree)

See full survey here: Student Voice Results

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