Out-of-School Learning, 10-12

Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) is committed to providing families with options for students to continue to learn while remaining safe. Out-of-school learning does not mirror in-school learning. However, the goal is to facilitate continuity of learning for students who shift between in-school and out-of-school by aligning out-of-school learning to subject matter taught in the classroom, where possible.

Out-of-school learning ensures students achieve core competencies and essential learning outcomes for continuity to the next grade level. Courses offered include core subjects, and a limited offering of high school complementary courses.

Out-of-school learning is directed by teachers and supported by parents. Families and students will access learning materials from the Brightspace learning platform that students complete independently, whenever possible.

For copies of past messages sent to grades 10-12 out-of-school families, refer to Messages to Parents in the sidebar menu.

Grades 10-12

It is the responsibility of students to complete learning tasks and assignments provided in Brightspace. At the beginning of each quarter, out-of-school learners are assigned an out-of-school teacher for each course who will be the main point of contact for any questions and who will assess student work. These out-of-school teachers are our Next Step staff. 

Contacting Teachers 
The teacher listed in the Brightspace platform is the assigned out-of-school teacher. Questions regarding out-of-school learning should be directed to the out-of-school teacher. They are available on school days from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. However, as each of these teachers support out-of-school learning for students from all schools across the Division, please be patient when waiting for a response. They will respond as soon as possible.

Contact information for assigned out-of-school teachers is available on the Brightspace platform.

Kindergarten to Grade 9
For information about out-of-school learning in kindergarten to Grade 9, refer to the Out-of-School Learning, K-9 website.