Next Step is an extension of all schools across the division, providing support and innovative programming for students from grades 1 to 12, as well as adults.


The programs we offer are: Home Education, Jr. and Sr. High Outreach, Night School, Summer School and non-credit courses. We create programming for students during the regular school day, in the evening, during the weekends and in the summer months. A number of our students are accessing blended programs with other schools. Many other students are mature students who need a few credits to graduate or need to upgrade courses to support entrance into post-secondary institutions.


Joe Clark


Denise Charbonneau - Assistant Principal, Continuing Education

Ed Gillis - Assistant Principal, Fort Saskatchewan Campus

Karen Ramsey - Assistant Principal, Sherwood Park Campus


Education Revolving Around You


Our caring staff offers flexible programming and scheduling to enable students to have positive and successful learning experiences in alternative settings. We focus on helping students and adults to connect or reconnect with school, create positive personalized learning experiences for all of our students, and assist students in their individual transitions.


We believe that:

  • learning is best accomplished when students feel welcomed, safe, accepted and respected.
  • many students learn best outside traditional schools.
  • every student has the right to access opportunities to experience success.
  • learning can occur in a variety of environments.
  • every student has the ability to learn.
  • success should be individually defined.
  • all students need to take ownership of their learning.

At Next Step, our focus in on:

  • helping students connect or reconnect with school
  • differentiating/personalizing learning opportunities
  • assisting students with transitions - junior to senior high, senior to post secondary, high school to work


  • All students can learn and experience success.
  • A quality education contributes to the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of the student.
  • Learning is a lifelong process in which education plays a fundamental role.
  • Our program must be innovative, flexible, and continuously improving in order to meet the challenges presented by change.
  • Integrity, honesty, tolerance, and responsible behaviour must be fundamental in all that we do.
  • All students deserve a safe and caring environment.
  • Education is the foundation of success.

Facts and Figures

  • Next Step opened in 1997 with the purpose of supporting students of EIPS with alternative program delivery options.
  • Next Step is comprised of 6 schools supporting almost 2000 students and 1 department providing learning opportunities to 3000 community members.
  • Our programs are supported by 32 full time staff members and numerous part time instructors.
  • Next Step rents buildings in Vegreville, Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park while also operating programs out of Salisbury high school.
  • Next Step programs operate with a budget of 3.5 million.
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Reach Out - Speak Out

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Welcome back, Next Step!  This week marks our Bully Awareness Week - a time where we focus on promoting healthy relationships by reaching out to others and prevent bullying by speaking out when they see it happening. Events this week include:

Bully Awareness & Prevention Week Poster and Poem Contest – Students will be encouraged to submit a poster/poem/piece of art that represents how to prevent bullying and increase connectedness in our schools. The winner will be awarded with a Next Step toque.

Positive Ticketing – Spread kindness! The goal of this activity is to notice kindness in the school and to recognize those who act kind. When a student sees someone acting kind, they will give that person a ‘positive ticket’ to recognize the kind act. In addition, the person demonstrating kindness will be given two additional tickets to be passed on when they notice other acts of  kindness that week.

Cyberbullying Awareness – All students will attend a presentation from the John Howard Society on Cyberbullying on Wednesday, 2:30 - 4:00.

Lunch Connection – Students and staff will participate in a ‘family style’ hot lunch on Friday, where all students and staff will eat lunch together. During this lunch, a short video on kindness will be viewed. Part of the lunch will also include conversation starter activities to encourage students to make connections with their peers.

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