Diploma Exam Prep

January 2024 Diploma Prep Sessions

Review major curriculum topics to build your understanding and learn test-writing strategies for diploma exams.  Boost your confidence in the exams through tips and practice questions.

Class times: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm (includes a 30 minute lunch break). All classes are located at Salisbury Composite High School (20 Festival Way, Sherwood Park)

January 6 & 7
English Language Arts 30-1
Social Studies 30-1

January 20 & 21
Biology 30
Chemistry 30
Math 30-1 & 30-2
Physics 30

January 27
Science 30

Registrations OPEN Diploma Exam Prep Classes

Current EIPS Students
If your child is already attending an EIPS school in the current year, you can register and pay for Diploma Prep courses by logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal the same way you usually do to pay fees. You do not need to create a new Parent Portal account to register for Diploma Prep. Once you are logged into the Parent Portal, click on the student fees icon (the green dollar sign) under the navigation menu. Click on the appropriate student’s name tab and click on the appropriate Next Step Diploma Prep course(s) in which you’d like to register. Students are not considered registered unless payment for the Diploma Prep course is made at the time of check-out.

Please note: Each of your children already attending an EIPS school must be linked to your Parent Portal account in order for you to be able to view and pay their fees through this system. Visit our PowerSchool page for instructions on how to create a Parent Portal account and link all of your children to that single account. 

Non-EIPS Students
Non-EIPS families accessing Diploma Prep courses provided by EIPS can register and pay online through the Student Quick Pay system. You will need to Create Account to access the Diploma Prep courses.