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NSO Weekly Dec 18-22

Hey all, please see the link for the NSO Weekly Dec 18-22 2023-24 Next Step Motto: Small steps are still progress!

We hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! This is the last week of classes prior to Christmas break. As of Monday, there are only 15 Instructional days remaining in semester 1, for non-diploma courses. For Diploma writers, there are only 7 Instructional days until ELA 30-1/2 Part A exams and 8 instructional days until Social 30-1/2 exams. We appreciate the opportunity to engage, interact, and support all families. Our Next Step vision is to create a community of learners who embody the virtues of acceptance, flexibility, individualization, respect, and responsibility. We are excited you are part of our alternative learning environment. Have a great week!

10 Ways To Have A Less Stressed Christmas A nice reminder as we prepare for Christmas!


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