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NSO Weekly Nov 13-18

Hey all, please see the link for the NSO Weekly Nov 13-18 2023-24 Next Step Motto: Small steps are still progress!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful November Break! Monday is Instructional day #45 of 85 or 53% of the way through semester 1, for non-diploma courses. Moreover, there are only 32 Instructional days until the Part A ELA 30-1/2 Diploma Exams… We appreciate the opportunity to engage, interact, and support all families. Our Next Step vision is to create a community of learners who embody the virtues of acceptance, flexibility, individualization, respect, and responsibility. We are excited you are part of our alternative learning environment!

Reminder that High School students are required to check in and meet with their instructor(s) weekly. It is recommended that multiple check ins occur each week to ensure successful completion of academic course work. Students not adhering to the weekly check in schedule or failing to engage in the learning process will be removed from their course.


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